Garlic and Onion Juice [2 Box (+ 30pk FREE)]

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Garlic and Onion Juice


Fresh onions and garlic are selected, extracted then concentrated. For those who cannot consume it because of the taste and smell, the strong aroma of onions and garlic has been removed so that anyone can enjoy it.


The biggest advantage of this product is that it uses nothing other than garlic and onions. There are no additives and the ratio is exactly 1:1.
50% of each garlic and onion extracts have been combined.


Garlic and onions are the best foods for vascular diseases. By enabling simultaneous consumption of both it’s a product that doubles the taste and also the nutrients.


Product with HACCP (Food Safety Management Certification) certification from The Food and Drug Administration. It is a product with the certification of safe hygienic product from The Food and Drug Administration

What is Garlic? 

  • Garlic is a perennial plant that belongs to the Lifaceae and plant of monocot, called san (蒜). The taste of fresh garlic is irritating, but the taste of based or heated one tastes is characterized to be sweet with less spicy taste by dwindling. 
  • The effects of Garlic
    • A food designated by Times magazine as one of Top 10 Foods.
    • Has strong Antiseptic and Anti-bacterial properties
    • Allicin - A strong antiseptic property and is stronger than Penicillin or Teramayisin. It is used orally and dermally.
    • When Allicin fuses with lipids, it clears the bloodstream, activates cells and promotes blood flow, making the body warmer.
    • Stamina enhancement, tonic effect, and fatigue recovery effect
    • Germanium fuses with vitamin B1, vitamin B1 is infinitely absorbed and stored in the body, to be used when tired or fatigued.
    • Increased vigor, arteriosclerosis, suppression of aging, sensitivity to cold and frostbite


What is Onion? 

  • It is around 90% water and contains abundant carbohydrates, making it sweet. Its characteristic is that it becomes sweeter when heated. Also adding it to food helps the modern meat lover keep balance. 
  • Onion is particularly effective in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the circulatory system such as heart disease and arteriosclerosis. This is because of quercetin in the cortex of onion.
  • Pecuchin in onion melt and get rid of unnecessary fat and cholesterol in the blood. As a result, it helps the prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis and hyperlipemia including high blood pressure.


Dose and method

  • Daily intake of 2~3 times, with a pack for either before or after a meal.
  • Depending on preferences, serve it cold or hot for better taste.


Who needs to intake?

  • People who want to reinforce stamina.
  • People who want to get rid of a hangover and to protect and help their liver.
  • People who want to avoid aging skin.
  • For dessert after eating fatty meat.



Product Name: Garlic and Onion Juice
Product Type: Extract Juice
Size: 80ml x 60 packs

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