About Us

Health Korea opened its first store in Koreatown, Los Angeles in 2006 and expanded its business all the way to Hawaii in 2019 became a trusted health company to many generations and people of various ethnicities.

Due to an increasing demand for health supplements, customers start to wonder which product can be trusted. To comply to the trend, Health Korea signed an exclusive U.S. market dealership with Korea’s number one health food company, Chunho N’Care.

More than health food, Health Korea offers the best Massage Chair, LED mask for skin and scalp care, and 100s of other appliances which you can try all of them.

TV and online shopping via Healthkoreashop makes shopping even more convenient by removing the necessity to visit stores. Health Korea’s 0-interest financing program is our conviction to offer best service to our customers.

Health Korea’s own brand H Solution offers affordably priced massage chairs to luxury line of products to expand customer’s choice range and reduce pricing issue through direct production. H Solution is receiving many praise for its products effective on neck, shoulder, hands, feet, calf, thigh and all other body needs plus reliable warranty.

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