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DIVA Massage Chair

Innovative Shoulder Design | Brand New 3D Movement | L-shaped Sturdy Guide Rail
3D Air Bag Massage | Armrest Control | Zero-Gravity Massage

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Creating a NEW Classic Design

The Diva Luxury Multifunctional Massage Chair designed with inspiration from the mysterious universe. It is designed to be safe and comfortable in a weightless space like a space capsule with astronauts.

Consider Innovative Shoulder Airbag Aesthetics and Practicality at the Same Time

It is the standard for full-body airbags and massage chairs that wrap the whole body. However, shoulder airbags provide little effective massage to people with small bodies, although they are the basic specifications of massage chairs. The shoulder of the Diva massage chair can be upgraded at any cost, allowing people with a variety of body types to enjoy shoulder massage with its unique open design.

Human-Friendly thoughtful Design

Diva Massage Chair has armrest quick controller for easy usage. Next to armrest is a USB port to charge cellphone or electronic devices during the massage. To save maintenance cost and improve durability, we used PU leather from the inside out.

 Top 3 Major Innovative Designs

Innovation #58 - Snapback Movement

Movement #58 is a new feature that allows you to check the status in real time. You can enjoy safe and comfortable massage through our new automatic smart massage movement which greater than traditional massage movement. Flexible wheel design and newly designed measuring mechanism measures exact strength of a massage.

 Innovative Road Movement 4 Features

1. Major Improvement on Safety, Comfort, and Lifespan
2. More Precise Shoulder Locating System
3. Accurate Body Curve Detection
4. Auto Smart Scan Controls Massage Intensity

6 Types of Massage

Kneading : Strong kneading with a massage ball relaxes stiff muscles straight down from top to improve circulation.
Knocking : Massage ball knocks from top to bottom and relaxes skin by rubbing for comfort.
Tapping : Light to strong rhythmic tapping gently releases fatigue.
Shiatsu : Massages pressures points from shoulder to buttocks to revitalize.
Sync : Massage balls spins in semicircle from the top to relax stiff muscles and loosens back muscle.
3D Shiatsu : Massage ball extends up to 8cm and moves up and down to massage deep into the muscle for total relaxation.

12 Auto Massage Program

DIVA Main program, Yoga Program

Diva massage chair’s yoga program incorporates yoga moves on your body to stretch your stiff muscles. Focus on straightening the back for clear mind. Air pressure on your back to recreate yoga positions to relax your stiff body. Air pressure on your back to recreate yoga positions to relax your stiff body. Yoga mode simulates yoga effect by back air bag massage and leg stretching to keep your body flexible and revitalized.

Open Your Wings

Cover Your Body with Air Bag

Air bag is located everywhere to cover shoulder, arm, back, buttocks, leg, and foot. It gives you air pressure effect and prevents soft tissue injury

Automatic Adjustment Shoulder Air Massage

Shoulder location varies by user’s body type and Diva’s internal auto control censor gives you perfect setting for satisfying massage.

Hand/Arm Airbag Massage Pressure Point

Hands and arms have 6 major pressure points and from fingertip to arm there are pressure points that can improve cardiovascular health and digestion if massage properly. Diva’s arm part has pressure point air massage pad that 404 mm long &106 mm wide. 288 pressure point pads massage pressure points during air pressure massage to improve circulation.

Heat Massage

Diva massage has heat function on leg airbag made with Nobel Prize-winning graphene technology so you can feel the warmth during massage.

1. Nobel Prize-winning technology graphene, emits body friendly rays.
2. Adjustable 3-level heat.
3. Heating massage softens muscles and expands blood vessels to stimulate circulation.

Leg Massage

Feet/Calf Double Dividing Design

Feet is the body part that is farthest away from your heart. Vain traveling to feet is the longest so feet always feel cold. Calf space is wider for comfort and heat eases knee joint pain to maximize massage effect.

Custom Auto Footrest Length Adjustment

Diva’s Auto Footrest Length Adjustment automatically adjusts its length according to the user’s height and maximizes effect during stretch by precise detection and fast reaction.

Foot support maximum length: 250 mm.
Custom massage for various heights.
Improves lower body circulation.

3-Row Sole Roller Massage

3-row sole roller has many massage pads that effectively stimulates your sole. Makes 360-degree space according to feet airbag to stimulate by friction to improve circulation.

• Both airbags pushes side-by-side left-and-right to massage your ankle to improve flexibility.
Both feet airbag press simultaneously to minimize the feeling of pressing in or pulling out.

Advantages of Foot Massage

Sole has many pressure point therefore connected to rest of the body. Diva’s sole roller spins front to back to recreate human finger-like touch. It has 3-level intensity control.

• Toe’s pressure point connects to the head. With continuous massage, you can maintain vivid face.
• Front part of your foot is connected to your digestive system. With continuous massage, you can improve your digestion.
• Heel is connected to your vitality. With continuous massage, you can improve your sleep.

Easy Controller 

Sleek Metal Controller

Easy button makes it easy to use. Long press makes it easy to turn on/off so elderly people who have hard time to machines can use with ease.

L-Shaped Frame

L-shaped guide rail is designed based on human body curve with maximum angle of 130~160 degrees and 50 inch(126cm) long to provide various massage from head to thigh according to user’s height and weight.

7 Massage Areas

Head Massage - Clear head, clear mind
Neck Massage - Muscle relaxation and circulation improvement
Shoulder Massage - Relieve muscle pain from bad posture
Back Massage - Muscle relaxation, stress relief
Waist Massage - Back muscle strength conditioning
Hip Massage - Posture fix, feminine health
Thigh Massage - Blood clot prevention

AI Smart Dual Scan

Diva massage chair’s movement and guide rail helps you with better health, and shoulder check is where it starts. Accurate shoulder check means it checks exactly where user’s shoulder is during movement.

Zero Gravity Experience

When both legs are above heart lever and torso and leg makes 126 degrees, user reaches zero-gravity weight which minimize back and joint pressure. User’s deep breath and relaxation will maximize the effect.

Space Saving

Home massage chairs take spaces and during usage it takes up more space. To preserve space, Diva designed one tough frontal slide:

• If you have 10 cm space from the wall, you can put Diva in your house.
There are wheels at the back of the chair for easy moving.

Bluetooth Speakers

Left and right speakers create high and low frequency and through filter, you can enjoy music during massage. The speakers are built in and can be used via Bluetooth.

Eco-friendly & Safe Premium Material

Diamond Shaped Stitch gives Elegant Look

Eco-friendly PU leather provides safety and comfort. PU leather gives realistic leather feel while being skin-friendly and easy to clean with just a wet tissue. It is more practical than real leather with no scratches. It also provides luxurious design and style. PU leather is not harmful to our body.

Through Absolute Quality Control Comes High Quality Product

Diva massage chair is comprised of over a thousand parts and its design, material, and structure are managed under high standard. Even a tiny bolt goes through thorough inspection and strict quality control.

High quality material gives greater texture and shine.
 Each bolt is shock proof, deformation resistant, and wear resistant.
 There are shock proof treatment around vibrating parts to keep it safe.

Increased Safety By Using Flame Retardant Material

Diva massage chair’s yoga mode uses flame retardant material for safety. There’s a double layer protection on the back for double safety.

 Flame retardant plastic seal around electric control module
 All mechanical parts are sealed with flame retardant material

Good Frame provides Safe Fixture

Connected frames give massage chair a safe fixture and comfortable space. Why is massage chair heavy? Diva uses extra-thick metal board that Is about 1.5-2.5mm thick which is 1-1.5mm thicker than competitor’s C-shaped frame. As a result, the product does not change easily and it is more safe.


3 Year Warranty


Product Specification

Product Name: DIVA Massage Chair
Model: ENK-905
Rated Voltage: 110V~
Rated Output: 145W
Size: Upright: 64.2x33.6x46(inch)/1630 x 855 x1170(mm)
          Reclined: 73.6x33.7x32.7(inch)/1870 x 855 x 830(mm)
Weight: 148kg / 326.3lb
Total Wight: 181kg / 400lb
Package Size: Whole: 34.17x35x33.5(inch)/1630 x 880 x 850(mm)
                           Armrest: 50.8x15.35x28.7(inch)/1290 x 390 x 730(mm)
                           Foot Support: 22.44x18.5x24(inch)/570 x 470 x 610(mm)



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