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"What is Menopause?"

The secrets to living and forget the menopause
Total solution can help to Middle age women health

Chunho N Care 'Total Solution', the main ingredient is Functional Pomegranate Concentrate (P-estroHi)! 

Functional pomegranate concentrate improvement 11 menopause status and menopausal (MRS) through testing 8 weeks of testing to menopause women.

Total Solution passes through 10 stages of raw materials, through 30-step of the scientific process. The functional pomegranate Production process
Human test results eight weeks subject to Korean that menopausal women
  • Improve significant Menopause (KI)  intake after 4 weeks
  • Improve significant Menopause (MRS) intake after 4 weeks
Total Score Menopause (KI) for each visit
Total Score Menopause (MRS) for each visit
  • confirm effect significant Estrogen
  • Improve 11 kinds of Menopause (KI)
  • confirm to improve significant Menopause (MRS)
Menopausal Symptom
  1. The face is flushed or sweating into my feet.
  2. Have felt numb or twinge at hand and feet
  3. Have hard to fall asleep and difficult woke up and try to fall asleep again
  4. Easily be fretful and nervous
  5. Have feeling blue
  6. Have dizziness
  7. Have easily tired
  8. Have feel pain in joint and muscles
  9. Have headache frequently
  10. Have feeling that heart-pounding
  11. Have itchy feeling like a tiny insect is crawling on the skin.
Pomegranate concentrate improves menopausal symptom about Safety and effective confirm and evaluated through body testing

The best of pomegranate. 100% Turkey Antalya Pomegranate

Put every good for menopausal women, Total Solution

For Menopausal women must take functional pomegranate concentrate used Antalya Turkey pomegranate make more special

secondary ingredients, kudzu, Angelica, Gigas, Cnidium, white woodland peony, Ganghaw mugwort and caught a taste added Cranberries, sweet potatoes

Recommend to
  • Women who want to managed menopause health
  • Women who want to have Healthy middle age
  • Anyone who wants to have a happy social life and  married life
  • Women, who want to manage menopause be the forehead

2 times per day, a pack for either before or after a meal, depending on preferences
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