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Real Pear juice is not put a single drop of water

It contains natural ingredients High-purity Korean Pear with Yuja, Quince, Balloon flower root, Ginkgo makes you taste light and pure.

Real Pear juice is not put a single drop of water,  that meaningful!

  1. Use only trusted GAP certified Pears

    Use only GAP-certified pears for the whole family to eat with safety.

    *Good Agricultural Practices(GAP) A system for managing hazardous factors such as pesticides, heavy metals, microbes, etc. from agricultural production to the post-harvest to packaging stage

  2. Use NFC Pear press juice extraction that not put a single drop of water

    NFC (NOT FROM CONCENTRATE) not adding single water, it was succulent and the flavor of the raw material was intact.

  3. Four additional raw materials make it even more perfect.

    Yuja, Quince, Balloon flower root,  Ginkgo the mixture adds to the product's completeness.

Pear called the gift of God

Pears that taste cool and sweet began to harvest 3,000 years ago. Homer, a Greek historian, who fell in love with the taste and nutrition of the ship, praised it as a "gift of God."

Full with nutrients of Pear

It contains 85~88% moisture, including vitamin B, vitamin C, and fiber. It is an alkaline food that is rich in sugar from 10~13% and contains organic acids such as apple, tartar, and citric acid. *Source: Some excerpts from Doosan Encyclopedia


Intake of 2-3 times, with a pack for either before the meal. Depending on preferences, serve it chilled for better taste.

Recommend to people

  • People you like to have a healthy drink of Soda
  • People want to thirst the day after drunk
  • People looking for healthy drinks for their children
  • People want to have rich nutrition and taste of the pear

Product Name: Real Pear Juice
Product Type: Extract Juice
Size: 100ml x 60 packs

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