Dr. Acu Hand Massager

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-Dr. Acu Hand Massager-


  • Complete hand massage from your wrist all the way up to your fingertips!
  • 3 levels of strong air pressure
  • 3 different modes give focused massage on a different part of your hand
  • A special message board gives you acupuncture-style massage.
  • Lightweight, and rechargeable.


  • Power: Turn On/Off
  • Strength: Adjust the strength of the massage
  • Auto: Starts auto mode
  • Mode: Choose between 3 modes:

(Mode1: Finger&Palm, Mode 2: Wrist, Mode 3: Whole Hand mode) 


How to Use

  • Put your hand in the machine with your palm facing down.
  • Press Power to turn it on.
  • Choose Mode or press Auto to start auto mode.
  • LCD monitor shows which part is being massaged.
  • After 15 minutes of massage, the machine will automatically turn off.
  • Plug your charger into the charge port located on the left.



  • If you have sensitive skin or feel pain during the massage, we recommend massaging 2~3 minutes at a time a gradually increase the time. We also recommend putting on a glove while getting a massage.
  • If you have hand conditions and other major medical issues, please consult with your doctor before usage.
  • If your skin that’s in contact with the device starts itching, stop using it and consult with your doctor.
  • Do not charge with regular phone chargers (May cause fire).
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