Goose Down Topper - King

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CROWN GOOSE | Goose Down Topper

Dual-Layer Goose Down Mattress Topper. Super soft mattress topper in cotton. Our dual-layer topper is packed with a combination of premium goose down and the softest, springiest, white goose feathers. The mixture results in a layer of delicious comfort that captures heat and distributes it evenly to every part of your body it comes in contact with.

  • Down traps warm air and provides loft
  • Creates a lighter, softer and more comfortable mattress topper
  • 100% cotton 100 thread count cover
  • Elasticated corners to remain securely attached to the mattress


  • King: 224 oz, 79" x 82", 6,340 g,  200 x 210 cm
  • Queen: 162oz, 59" x 79", 4600 g, 150 x 200 cm
  • Twin: 122oz, 43" x 79", 3450 g, 110 x 200 cm

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